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Through teaching and personal explorations, I’ve seen that dance is a direct pathway to connect with the unexpressed and primal aspects of our natures, the parts that are often submerged or have been put away since childhood.


Any art-making process, dance in particular, has the capacity to integrate the fractured-off, the wounded or simply un-lived parts of our being.



As we move through the wholeness of existence, we begin to realize that we are a reflection of and a potential of all that there is: every emotion, age, face and body. We all have the capacity to be the leader and the follower, criminal and saint, male and female, predator and prey.


A complete creative palette can be accessed when we move toward the unknown, giving space for the darkness and the light in ourselves.


Ultimately it’s a practice in compassion, to dance with the song of the world and to see ourselves in everything. It is my goal to give safe space and permission for each part of the circle to have expression.


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